Brand Values


We desire to be collaborative in our culture and recognise the strengths and advantages of a unified approach
to our business. Collaboration and communication will enable us to develop the best practices and to learn from our success and challenges.


We treat people with genuine respect and foster a respectful culture. We respect people’s needs and their circumstances – we are nonjudgemental. We respect people’s opinions and viewpoints.


We adhere to moral principles and operate in an honest and ethical manner. Integrity provides the absolute basis of our culture. Integrity is a personal attribute – that should sit at the heart of our approach to
business. As a business our integrity encompasses a socially responsible philosophy.


We are passionate about our business. We seek to succeed and to grow and develop our business. Our passion underpins a desire to have new ideas and to look for new ways to meet our customers’ needs and identify gaps in the market to increase our offer. We want to be passionate about success, passionate about our business succeeding and about our people reaching their goals. We have pride in our business.


We are a highly professional corporate and franchise business. Our professionalism stems from all areas of the business – from the most highly visible (e.g. the customer service we offer) to the systems and processes we have in place to support our approach to business. We have a philosophy of continual improvement We seek to equip all our employees with the appropriate skills and to empower them to take responsibility within their role at Cash Converters.

Service Standards

Service Standards
Service Standards

Our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of our business and the truth is that by owning a welcoming Cash Converters you can quite simply be the centre of any local community.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers and lending support, customer loyalty is at the core of our business.

Our Staff

Cash Converters Staff - Jill

Jill has worked at Cash Converters, Barking for 25 years

“I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, I genuinely enjoy working here, everyday is different. Some staff find other jobs then come back to Cash Converters because they miss the banter with our customers, it’s like a family here”.

Cash Converters Staff

Matt has worked at Cash Converters for 12 years

“I started working for Cash Converters in 2005 on work-experience and have progressed through the business and I am now currently the Store Manager of the busy Plymouth branch. I have gained a vast range of skills and knowledge over the last 10 years and have a particular interest in jewellery and watches. When asked what I enjoy the most about working at Cash Converters the answer is the fact we help people get on with their lives through the range of services we offer. There certainly are no two days the same”.

Cash Converters Staff

Tom has worked at Cash Converters for 11 years

“Cash Converters is different every single day, you never know who is coming in or what items you’re going to stock. There are always new and exciting challenges to find solutions for”.